Alhamdulillah , by the grace of Allah SWT, the secretariat of Haflah Zikir Perdana 2017 (HZPS 2017) offer its gratitude. With the grace of Allah SWT, we have established ukhuwah, the spirit of wahdatul fikr (Unity of Thought), wahdatul qaul (Unity of View), and wahdatul amal (Unity of Action) with an organization of that is holistical and visionary. An organization that is not only successful in worldly gains but also covers the spiritual integrity and great leadership that infuses Daulah Islamiah values in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah Thumma Alhamdulillah.

Fisabilillah – A word that has deep meaning. Which means a reflection of an individual integrity in fighting for truth and justice which is given the ability to shape and mold transience, be it physical, material or spiritual. Individuals and organizations that tend to perform charities are known as those who love knowledge, truth and justice, celebrate the scholars, using their physical, mental and spiritual means in carrying out the comprehensive commands of Allah SWT and His messenger, that are not only limited to Muslims.


Here are the component of HZPS 2017:-



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