ZIKIR PERDANA SEDUNIA 2017 is the highlight of the HAFLAH ZIKIR PERDANA SEDUNIA 2017 which is the 3rd year in a row that it has been held since 2015. The objective is to gather as many Muslims from different backgrounds, races, traditions, culture and beliefs into one congregation to come together and pray to Allah SWT and salawat upon Rasulullah SAW.

Among the contents of the conference are the recital of Al-Quran, lectures by the Mufti and recital of dzikirs. The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato ‘Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will be invited to present the trophy to the winner of the Marhaban competition (which will be held in the morning) and to officially launch the establishment of the World Sufi Center and the official journal of the International Journal of Sufism. The official language will be Malay and English. The Zikir Perdana event will be opened to the general public and its estimated 50,000 people will be attending it.

Audience will receive benefits for gathering and bringing themselves close to Allah SWT as mentioned by Rasulullah SAW:

From Sayyidina Abu Darba narrated that Rasulullah SAW said “Allah SWT will awaken a few groups of people on the judgment day with their faces glowing. They are on top of platforms made of pearls. People will envy and admire them, eventhough they are not prophets or the martyrs.” Thus a badawi said, “ Ya Rasulullah, please explain their noble traits so that we can know them,” Rasulullah SAW said, “They are those people who are from different races and places, they love one another because of Allah SWT, they gather to remember Him and say His name,” (Narrated by Tabarani).

ISLAM IS PEACE is still maintained as the theme for ZIKIR PERDANA SEDUNIA 2017. It is a commitment to Islam that it is a religion of love and promotes peace. The message is also consistent with the message to the world that its followers’ live in peace and harmony facing all challenges and threats, and always be brought close to Allah SWT in whatever situation.