TAFAQQUH FIDDIN EVENT is one of the main component in HAFLAH ZIKIR PERDANA SEDUNIA 2017 (HZPS 2017) that will be presented by a renowned ulama in continuation with the International Islamic Scholars Conference (one of the main program of HZPS 2017.) The event provides an opportunity for Malaysians, particularly Muslims to gain benefits of spiritual knowledge and guidance of the topics that will be presented by the ulama

The event is dedicated to the general public and emphasizes on knowledge and guidance shared for prosperity of Islam in our country. In condition, the Muslims are also encouraged to reach out to ulamas to avoid fitnah, as the ulamas are the inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

TAFAQQUH FIDDIN EVENT is the first ever event that will be attended by scholars form all over the world. It will be held at the PUTRA MOSQUE AND DATARAN PUTRA, PUTRAJAYA on 29th July 2017 after the Maghrib prayers. It will be delivered in Arabic, English, or Malay depending on the scholar. However, all topics will be translated to Malay. This public lecture is opened to the public, and it is estimated 200,00 people will be attending this event