ASNAF FOODTRUCK is one of business promotional efforts by the recipients. Various programs offering motivation, advice and assistance, whether in terms of facilities or financial have been conducted by various government and private agencies in the country. One such program is the assistance provided in terms of capital, facilities, and advice led by bodies such as the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS), Zakat Collection Center (PPZ), Treasury, Negeri Sembilan Zakat Center, and other agencies of its kind, either at the state or federal level.

One such segment of the program is to create a business or Food Truck or Food Stall Mobile, where it has become a global phenomenon and this trend began to gained attention in Malaysia. In conjunction with several HZPS programs in 2017 involving participants and public visitors, collaboration are forged with several charity organizations to sponsor a few of the FoodTruck, which they will be handled by the asnaf.

Apart from giving these traders an opportunity to generate additional income, the program also would help in introducing Malaysiana Palate or taste of Malaysia to the international delegates throughout the week of HZPS 2017.